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Happy Leap Day!

Imagination © Todd Powelson –
donated to the Primary Children’s Medical Center

But it was just my imagination — once again —
running away with me.

— The Temptations

What goes into our imaginations can have a powerful impact on our dreams, our magical practice, our creativity, and our very identity. And that, ultimately, shapes the world in which we live.

As I discussed yesterday, cutting edge research suggests that it is useless to attempt to dissect analytical brain function from subjective impressions. In fact, it appears there is no separation between how we process data that is objective “fact” and data that stimulates an emotional or imaginative response.

Media messages surround us 24/7. From iPods to ads piped over the PA in the grocery store, someone is selling us something day and night. We are being fed images, stories and carefully edited news that support a particular script. Some may argue whether or not there is an over-arching, conscious agenda behind this, but what is real and true is being fed to us through painstakingly planned media packaging.

© Micah Wright

How then do we ever know our own thoughts, voice, perspective? How can we discover what is true, without spin or sell? Now, during this waning Moon and in the magical days between Imbolc and Ostara, it is customary in many traditions to observe a period of cleansing, fasting, or renewal. And a media fast of some sort may be something that you and I sorely need.

If you want to go “cold turkey,” and spend a week completely unplugged, I wish you well. But I think you may find it very difficult, especially if you’ve never tried it before. For one thing, as I mentioned, we are bombarded with media everywhere we go. There are TVs at every turn – in the grocery lines, at the doctor’s waiting room, at restaurants and just about any public area you go to. So good luck escaping all that.

Many of us have to use our Internet connection for our jobs, and there are few websites that are strictly non-commercial. You might also consider whether you want to also disconnect from musical sites, or even non-commercial radio. And are you going to include books and magazines in your “fast?”

To help you decide, it is important that, like in all magical work, you set an intention. Is your purpose to simplify your inner voice and clear the mental clutter being dumped into your imagination? You might be able to meet this goal by spending just a day in silence. Or you may choose to disconnect from only a selected number of outlets: say, TV for one week, or the Internet for a weekend.

As you prepare to embark on this cleansing, I will have some additional suggestions for you next week, including how to make it especially productive, healing and fruitful.

Hecate © Katlyn Breene

But of course, today is a most magical day – Leap Day! And it is the last day of the month, which is sacred to Hecate. She is the Goddess of Witches and of magic, the dark of the Moon, and the depths of the underworld. Hecate walks along the roadways and counsels those at the crossroads. It is at the three-way crossroads that Her devotees leave a “Hecate’s supper” in Her honor on this night.

Of all the Greek Goddesses, Hecate alone could grant or refuse anything asked by mortals. She is the Queen of the Night, and those who seek Her protection can move safely in the darkness. Hecate is the voice of wisdom, divination and dreams. May She bless you on this mysterious and rare day.