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Garbage In, Garbage Out

Garbage in, Garbage out.
— George Fuechsel, IBM 305 RAMAC technician/instructor

To realign ourselves with the Graces of Beauty, Mirth, and Blossoming, we are considering how the weeks between Imbolc and Ostara (and now, during the waning Moon) are an ideal time to clear space for them to thrive. I would suggest that one way to do this is to be aware of how we are manipulated by our consumer media culture.

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Arnold Modell, claims that subjective human experience must be included in any scientific explanation of how the human brain works. Contrary to popular attempts to describe mental functioning as a form of computation, his view is that our brain is not only a vastly complex information processing machine. It constructs meaning from its emotional responses, the use of metaphor, our intraspychic connections, and our imagination.

So here is the challenge: If we have a subjective experience, is it any less “real?”

Well, is there any other kind?

Thus, as I discussed yesterday, what we allow our awareness to absorb has a grave impact on our perception of reality and our very consciousness.

Author RJ Stewart discusses this at length in many of his books, recently (and perhaps most emphatically) in The Spirit Cord, a discussion of using the ancient form of a magical cord to access mystical and ancestral awareness and transformation.

He stresses that the imagination is not just a pleasure toy to be used to create fantasies for our entertainment (as it is most often prostituted in our culture). Instead, it is our most important spiritual faculty, a powerful tool of transformation and creation, when it is developed in a focused and disciplined manner.

“The imagination,” he writes, “is somewhat like a muscle which must be used and nourished to be strong. It has to be exercised in a healthy and balanced way, and appropriately nourished with spiritual input. The inverse of this healthy nourishment is widespread, of course, for just as we can build unnatural musculature through programs using equipment and steroids, so we can build unnatural imagination through the use of media equipment, of drugs, of vicious entertainment, compulsive fantasy, sexually addictive habits, and pornography.”

You, dear reader, and I are inestimable magicians, able to shape reality and create multiverses. Our tool for doing this begins with our imaginations. If that tool is dysfunctional, monstrous, sickened, or controlled by the media/political powers that be, we are rendered impotent.

So during this time of Grace, I urge you to carefully consider the exposures you allow yourself. All that you see, hear, feel, goes deeply and forever into the stores of your memory and imagination.

Tomorrow, some suggestions for beginning to heal and restore this most powerful gift of our human race.

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  • February 28, 2008, 1:41 pm earthreflection

    Thank you for this place of Grace in the midst of too much noise.
    Was also thinking how fitting Temperance, the Tarot Card of the week, is as the background to your writings this week.

    It seems another part of the issue of consumerism etc is how we as a nation decided to define our role/success in the world by our Gross National Product rather than by our stated values which are more along the lines of living in Grace.

    Thankfully, as you so eleoquently bring to light, we have the great gift of our imaginations to image our solutions. Funny isn’t it that it takes an awake populace to Dream the Dream real?

    Also, thanks to your inspired reminder, I found I had the time/abilty to renew a spring fasting 1-3 days at a time throughout this Lenten period.


  • February 28, 2008, 5:37 pm Julie

    Beth Owl’s Daughter: I so enjoy your website and try to look at it everyday. This last series is so beautiful and thought-provoking, that I wonder if you have thought of doing it as a book.

    It might just be me, but when I read things on line, I notice things I want to come back to and reexplore, but somehow never get back to that page. Even when I print an entry out, it seems to just sit in a pile.

    But a little book, as lovely in design as your web page, would be nice to have at hand.

    Thank you for all of the magic.

  • February 29, 2008, 12:11 pm Beth Owl's Daughter

    Gosh, thank you both! I have indeed thought about publishing a little something, so I do save my notes and so on.

    I really do appreciate your comments.. This is really a labor of love. I am so grateful I have you as visitors, exploring these ideas with me.

    You made my day! Thanks so much!

  • March 1, 2008, 11:52 am Copper Asetemhat Stewart

    Oh, yes! A book about the Graces would be a wonderful offering!

    Thanks for the Modell reference… I’ll look for more information, but can you suggest something? He’d be useful, I think…