Inspiring Enchantment & Illumination with Tarot & Intuitive Guidance

Welcome aboard!

Sacred Journey
© Susan Hickman

Let mystery have its place in you; do not be always turning up your whole soil with the ploughshare of self-examination, but leave a little fallow corner in your heart, ready for any seed the winds may bring.
— Henri Frederic Amiel

Over the coming year, we are certain to be embroiled in political and social tumult, discord, and the intense, sometimes chaotic changes that the Wheel of Fortune Tarot year promises. Ongoing war, fear, ecological disasters, and economic misery are daily reality, and predictions are that the news is likely to turn even uglier in the months ahead.

I do not recommend escapism, nor choosing ignorance about these events that are shaping our future at this pivotal time. But I am offering this space as a haven, where we can reconnect with our true Divine spark, regardless of the mass hypnosis and deceptions being fed to us in the larger culture. I invite you to visit here, to touch base daily, so that we can help one another remember that our true purpose is to awaken ourselves as beings of grace and virtue.

So, references to Elvis’ home in Memphis aside, the intention of our journey to Graceland is that we may daily focus (at least for a little while) on those ancient, but still living, allies that inspire and bless our higher natures. The Graces offer wholesomeness, radiance, and rejoicing. We will certainly need their blessings in the days to come. We will also invite the guidance of the nine Muses. And of course, where this holy convocation is called, we would be appallingly remiss if we did not also invite the three Fates, particularly in this year that (whether you’re a Tarot devotee or not) will certainly be fateful.

I hope then that you will join me in the days ahead, as we center here, and journey daily to a mystical place that is strong, holy and blessed with Grace and Virtue. And by our remembering to do so, may Grace and Virtue be strengthened, both in our own lives, and in the wider world which desperately needs them.