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Poetry Blogging for Brighid

Calling all poets, and lovers of the magic of poetry! It’s time for the Annual Cyberspace Poetry Reading! This Saturday is the great holiday of Imbolc, sacred to Brighid – Goddess of Healing, Art, and Poetry. Please join us as we weave a magical web of poetry to honor Her. And please let Brighid’s daughter,Continue reading Read more

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What We Eat in a Week

This was forwarded to me by my friend, Sarah. It is from a photo essay at Time Magazine. This link also shows where each of these families lives, what their favorite dishes are, and how much money they spend on their weekly food.

The Loon on Oak-Head Pond

The Loon on Oak-Head Pond cries for three days, in the gray mist.cries for the north it hopes it can find. plunges, and comes up with a slapping pickerel.blinks its red eye. cries again. you come every afternoon, and wait to hear sit a long time, quiet, under the thick pines,in the silence thatContinue reading Read more

The Light that never was on land or sea

To find your own way is to follow your bliss. This involves analysis, watching yourself and seeing where real deep bliss is — not the quick little excitement , but the real deep, life-filling bliss… — Joseph CampbellThe gift offered to us by the beautiful youngest daughter of the Titans, Aglaia, is the call thatContinue reading Read more

Agony and Ecstasy

DRAW ANOTHER CUP OF JOYCompassionate Motherwhose grace is beyond eternityMy friends and I will draw another cup of joyfrom the wellspringof your radiant heart…from Soft Moon Shining, by Ethan Walker III We are considering one of the gifts bestowed upon us by the youngest of the Graces, Aglaia. The Grace of splendor and beauty, SheContinue reading Read more

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