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Mercury retrograde!

Today is the beginning of Mercury retrograde! That’s right – it’s that topsy-turvy time again, when communications, commerce, travel, and technology (to name a few of the things ruled by Mercury) may become snarled or delayed.

Mercury retrograde is when the planet Mercury appears to go backwards in its usual orbit (from Earth’s perspective). This reverse motion often manifests as a rewind or review of paths we’ve previously taken. Thus, Mercury retrograde can create its infamous problems when we refuse to slow down and take extra time in all our busy-ness.

Instead, you might want to see its silver lining, as it offers us a three-week ‘time out’ from stress and the fast-forward life we often lead. Let the phones quiet down and the email demands diminish. If your mind goes ‘elsewhere,’ you just might find yourself lost in a much-needed daydream. It can be a very good thing to ‘unplug’ and rest.

Mercury stays retrograde until Feb. 19, so you might as well ease up for a bit, and accept that backtracking, review, and postponing major commitments is the Universe’s way of giving you a much-needed break.