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Blessings of the Full Snow Moon

This is the Wolf Moon, Quiet Moon, Snow Moon,
Cold Moon, and also called the Chaste Moon

Let the waters settle

you will see stars and moon
mirrored in your Being.

— Rumi

We are considering one of the gifts bestowed upon us by the youngest of the Graces, Aglaia. The Grace of splendor and beauty, She awakens the Serpent Fire within us, the powerful force sometimes known as The Dragon and widely understood in Eastern traditions as kundalini.

The urge to arrive at the cosmic consciousness of the fully aroused kundalini is probably one of the most universal, deep desires of humanity. But seeking such an awakening is not to be taken lightly, for truly, one is playing with Fire: the Divine Fire of the soul itself.

Famed theosophical writer, Geoffrey Hodson, wrote at length about the need for the seeker to approach this awakening with rigor and care. This is especially true for Westerners, in part because our culture is not steeped in an awareness of, nor preparation or respect for this kind of experience. In fact, our mainstream culture views the fully awakened consciousness as, perhaps a joke left over from the hippie days, or at best, as delusional. At worst, in the West’s ethnocentric orthodoxy, the intense physical and psychological manifestations of fully aroused Serpent Fire may be considered psychotic or even demonic.

Hodson writes that, “There has been an awakening of kundalini knowledge among the Western populations since the 1970s because of two major reasons: more people who are trained in the spiritual disciplines are likely to release the energy, and the increased number of people that are aware of kundalini are more likely to recognize its symptoms or benefits.”

But, he urges, “Very special preparation of the brain and nervous system is required, if our response to these incoming superphysical vibrations is safely to be included in our physical waking consciousness…

“It is said that kundalini opens new pathways in the nervous system; the pain associated with this apparently is due to the nervous system’s inability to immediately cope with the energy. Yogis assert that the body must be properly attuned for kundalini through yoga, and that a premature or explosive awakening can cause insanity or death.”

More tomorrow!

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