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Today’s Pluto/Jupiter conjunction

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Watch out now, take care
Beware of the thoughts that linger

Winding up inside your head

The hopelessness around you

In the dead of night

Beware of darkness…

— George Harrison

Last night, as I shook my head in horror at the dramatic news events of recent days, I commented to my husband that there seems to be a trend lately of people who have been pent up, or on the edge, suddenly having a destructive meltdown. The shooter in Colorado, the teenager in Nebraska, and possibly many unknown others, who have been living on a tightrope of sanity, finally collapsing into murderous revenge, rage, and self-destruction.

Many of us in the healing and intuitive arts been have been seeing a noticeable increase of people who have been holding on by a thread. Suddenly they are in crisis, losing their tentative hold, and falling into dramatic upheaval.

Astrologer Ralfee Finn describes it perfectly, and offers an insightful explanation:

“Forget about silent nights — nothing is calm about the 2007 holiday season, and this week, the stars set the stage for a tempestuous finale to an already too intense year. Please forgive me if I sound dramatic, but I’m actually not exaggerating. December’s sky burns with Divine Fire. And its heat tempers activities, as well as attitudes. Consider this week and the coming weeks a purification ritual, a catharsis, personal and collective.

“But be aware, this cleansing is not only an intellectual process. The astral tumult brings deep feelings to the surface of daily life—and they won’t just sit there. Which means most of us will be searching for resolution, relief, and redemption from the red threads of persistent karmic themes. And don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re exempt. Hubris will only make matters worse. We are in the season of soul work, and the best tool for the task at hand is humility.

“The source of this healing crisis is a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, in Sagittarius, which is exact today. This conjunction occurs at the end of Pluto’s cycle through Sagittarius and it will not happen again in Sagittarius until 2244, which makes its current effect all the more extraordinary. And because all of us have Sagittarius somewhere in our individual birth charts, each of us will feel the intensity of this conjunction somewhere in our lives…

“The conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto will magnify, electrify, amplify, and intensify just about everything, and that intensification is likely to translate into the need to act or react on impulse. While it won’t be easy to think before you speak, try. We are actually in the midst of a cosmic test on thirteen years of transformational work, and there are no multiple-choice answers. Because Sagittarius symbolizes the process of integration, one of the ways to gauge your grade is to contemplate how well you can walk your talk. Don’t expect a perfect score. Levels of anxiety many of us thought were long gone are likely to reappear, along with old flames or missed opportunities.

“But don’t despair — this is a healing process. So give yourself permission to purify body, mind, heart, and soul. And when possible, give your fellow travelers the same permission. Remember, we’re all feeling the heat of December’s Divine Fire.”

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  • December 11, 2007, 3:48 pm P.J.

    Interesting ideas, but not much follow-through. Is it possible that these events revolve more around the ideas of religion supressing then cutting-off the needs of an individual?

    I’d say so. Generally, it’s less than entertaining to think of these people as anti-heroes striking out on last bend of revenge. The world is a jacked-up place. Some people can deal with it. Others can’t and find the only way to survive is to destroy before burning out.

    Not everyone can wait to fade away.