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Preparing for the next lighting

Though my soul may set in darkness,
It will rise in perfect light,

I have loved the stars too fondly

To be fearful of the night.

— Sarah Williams (1837 – 1868)

On Sunday, we take the next step in our Solstice Sunwheel ritual. At sunset, or some other quiet time, you will first re-light the first candle, again invoking its energy in whatever way you have intended. Then, when you are ready, you will also light the second one.

Have you decided what your intention for this candle will be?

Many of you tell me (and I do wish you would share your comments!) that you have assigned each candle a particular energy or quality that you wish to invoke and bring into your life, your community, or the world as we prepare for the coming rebirth of the Sun. Your candles may be charged with your desire for peace, paradigm shift, healing, truth, compassion, abundance, and so forth.

Other folks are using each candle to call in the Directions, or some particular gift from the Guardians of the Watchtowers, with last week’s candle being Air or East, making this week’s candle about the qualities of Fire and the South. Then, throughout the week, you may wish to celebrate the many aspects of that Element.

With our rite on Sunday being at the New Moon in Sagittarius, you might also want to set a specific personal intention for the next lunation, perhaps then having it be the seed that continues to grow and spread into the bigger ritual of Sun’s rebirth.

Soul Mother ©Patricia Waters

To inspire your imagination and strengthen your resolve as you plan for the next part of our ritual on Sunday, I invite you today to consider this New Moon’s meaning, as shared by Portland, Oregon astrologer Rhea Wolf:

“For most of our recorded history, which is decidedly slanted against the little guy, the story goes like this: We came, we saw, we conquered. It is of-the-world, with no responsibility. This is what imperialist, colonizing powers do to places and people that have resources they want to exploit. And so it is and ever shall be, because that is the nature of the human animal. The End, so the history books say.

“But now, we (the little guys) are rising up to say, ‘What a shame, what a waste – and what a LIE.’

“The New Moon is coming and we are paying attention. We see in it the potential to shift the balance of power, so that power means respect for both masculine and feminine structures. We now understand how vital it is to remain open. To be porous and vulnerable, like a cell’s membrane that receives information from its environment in order to survive. To be nurturing, offering assistance to others when they are in need. To be prudent, withdrawing energy from structures that aren’t working. To be dormant, sinking into the compost of transformation for a while.

“To the more masculine, active force, this can appear dead, idle, lazy, or weak. It looks like weakness – and so the exploitation, the taking advantage, the steamrolling into modernity. But truly, the feminine, receptive aspect of humanity contains the real meaning of responsibility: response-ability. The ability to respond. Not rigid, not barricaded, not impenetrable. Open.

“With the New Moon at 17° Sagittarius on December 9, we have an impetus to wait, to take our time, to receive – because that is the very antidote to the pace and progress that is killing us…The time is ripe for committing more of our lives to beauty and nourishment, to the slower pace and natural rhythms of the feminine. If we do not respect this important element of life, it can unleash terrible consequences, which we often looks like natural disaster and environmental catastrophe…”

So slow down. Take your sweet time. And on Sunday, we will together gaze deeply into the dark. Then we will spark a little more light.

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