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Doing our Patriotic Duty

As we have been taught since grade school, we live in a democracy based on laws. It is the responsibility of the citizenry to, if trouble arrives, step up and defend our freedoms. Each of us enjoys these freedoms, such as our right to choose and influence our governance, and to hold our leaders accountable, by our agreement to defend those laws and freedoms when called upon.

Whether it is politically savvy, expedient, or not; whether it would succeed or not; these are irrelevant. It is our patriotic duty, regardless of party affiliation, regardless of philosophy. If you believe in the rule of law, truth and accountability must be demanded. A fair, impartial hearing of the facts must take place.

All rancor aside, the charges are very serious, and a righteous man, you would think, would want the chance to clear his name. Most of all, it is our highest law of the land that the people shall know and choose who is representing them. Our citizens deserve and must demand a fair hearing. Else lawlessness may be given a free pass.

Well, not on my watch. What about you?

Stand up and be counted. Click here.
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