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Blessings of the New Moon

Dark of the Moon
New beginnings

Dark of the Moon

Plant a seed tonight

Dark of the Moon

What we envision

Will come to be by the Full Moon’s light.

The Hermit
by Robert Bly

Darkness is falling through darkness
Falling from ledge
To ledge.
There is a man whose body is perfectly whole.
He stands the storm behind him
And the grass blades are leaping in the wind.
Darkness is gathered in folds
About his feet.
He is no one. When we see
Him we grow calm
And sail on into the tunnels of joyful death.

Tonight is the second night of our Solstice prayer-spell. Tonight, preferably around sunset, take a moment to create sacred space and a peaceful spirit for yourself. When you are ready, light the first candle (that you lit last week), calling once more the energies, wishes, visions with which you charged it.

Now, light the second candle. Whether it is the candle you have designated for the Guardian of Fire and the South, or some other quality that you wish to invoke for yourself and the world, may your heart be true, may your desire be clear.

Meditate for a time upon the flickering light, as well as the darkness all around it. When you feel that your rite is completed, gently extinguish the second, and then the first candle.

As you have said it, so it shall be.

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  • December 11, 2007, 1:52 pm Copper Asetemhat Stewart

    I’m adding this poem to my list of Osiris liturgical materials.

    “There is a man whose body is whole…” really does it for me.

  • December 11, 2007, 5:55 pm Beth Owl's Daughter

    Oh,thanks, Copper! Isn’t it powerful?