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Blessings of the Full Moon in Cancer

Tonight, we complete our advent magical working (unless you prefer to light your Center candle on Christmas.) For those of us who prefer to work with the energy of the Moon, this night’s Full Moon in Cancer is an incredibly powerful time.

Not only is Cancer ruled by the Moon, so it is in its true home, but this is considered a “super Moon” of sorts, since it is at its most extreme northern decination, known asOut of Bounds.” (Please beware of any hidden anger or aggression, however, for Mars, too, is “out of bounds” right now, and is also retrograde in the very sign of Cancer.)

Otherwise, tonight is perfect for sealing our spell, riding the intense tides of the Moon’s blessings. Now we will send out the energy and intention that we have been building over the past four weeks. Astrologer Rhea Wolf writes:

“How are you feeling? Not ‘How should you feel?’ Not ‘It’s the holidays, therefore I am…’ Not ‘What do you have to do so how do you need to feel in order to be ready to meet the demands of your life?

“Really. How are you feeling? How do you usually feel this time of year? Are there particular flavors, patterns, priority shifts that spin within you during the winter…

“On the 23rd, the Full Moon at 1º Cancer snuggles up with retrograde Mars. The focus turns toward manifesting all those feelings, visions and ideas we’ve been brewing. We’ve seen the big picture, with its maps of impermanence, eons of time, and the limitations of human perspective.

“We made a promise to quit our love affairs with power struggles and victimhood. We witnessed new purpose rising up from the ashes of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. And now, as four astronomical symbols of divine complexity blaze trails into earthy Capricorn, we want a game plan that lets us see how we fit into the vastness of life and the practical steps we can take to build a framework to support our luscious new solar fire creativity. (Yes, you can have it All™. But All’s not what it seems.)

“On a national scale, we’re heading toward a major crisis/opportunity through 2008, as people seriously doubt the values and ideals our country is supposedly built on. People are looking around for other ways to live and work together. Many people will go underground in a way, taking their attention away from existing structures. It’s scary, because these trends could lead to extreme apathy and complete disintegration.

“But if the energy is channeled into community organizations and small, simple steps we can take to manifest common goals, then new structures can be put in place to take over when the main ones collapse.

“We have to learn a new way to tell time – one that understands time’s vastness and our responsibility to those past and future, and one that also focuses on the daily steps we can take so as not to get overwhelmed with the enormity of the task at hand: completely changing the way we live with each other on this home planet of ours…


“In the coming months, we can move forward by getting back to basics. Rethinking our priorities can radically change how we meet our needs, from the food we eat, where we live, to transportation and how we work. Imagine a quality of life that is actually high quality. Have some quality time every single day instead of every now and then.

“It’s often been said, but a main way we vote in Western Civilization is with our dollars. So begin to withdraw support from companies that don’t jive with your own ethics and values. Don’t like toxins in your children’s toys? Don’t buy them. Distressed by rampant environmental pollution? Reduce your meat consumption. Feel rushed and stressed out all the time? Reduce your hours at work. These are just a few examples (and I’m obviously short on the details here), but I know you have great ideas.

“If you take some time to come up with a list of what’s really important to you, I’m sure you’ll get inspired about how to really begin living what you love. The New Moon at 17 Capricorn on January 8th says, ‘It’s no secret. You have the power to manifest a more peaceful, prosperous, juicy reality. But it takes a whole helluva lot of work.’

“And you can’t do it alone.”

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