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Time is an Ally

Develop interest in life as you see it; in people, things, literature, music — the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls, and interesting people. Forget yourself.
— Henry Miller

When I talk about making magic with time, are you hoping that perhaps I am going to share the recipe for a magical elixir that will stretch your day and add extra hours for you to get more accomplished?

Actually, this is possible, I believe. On her blog, my friend and elder in the Reclaiming tradition, Oak, recently described some magic that she worked while planning and teaching at this summer’s Witchcamp that was held in British Columbia:

“I invoked a piece of magic which worked on us all week…While we were planning the night rituals, something that can take hours and hours to happen, and all of the ‘free’ time at camp, I invoked that for every 3 minutes of clock time, we would have 9 minutes of experiential time. In that planning day we did a lot, planning all of the rituals but the last one. However, the magic kept working, and instead of one week at camp, I ended up being there for three weeks…”

I believe it is very possible to work “time magic.” In many rituals that I have myself attended, we remember to invoke Time as one of our Allies, to aid our magic and ensure that we are in a healthy, magical flow that enables us to get everything done with ease, and within the time boundaries that support the work.

I have seen, many times, how well this works. By just stating your intention up front, while you are calling the Guardians of the Directions, the Mighty Ones, and appropriate Deities, the Allies of Time are powerful forces that will answer your call, and work on your behalf.

Yes, it can be just that simple.

Of course, like invoking the Elements, or other Allies and Guides, you don’t just start ordering these beings around without having established a respectful understanding of who they are. (Naturally, we never order any of these energies around. We invite them — they are allies, not subservient).

This weekend, I encourage you to explore the notion that there are Time allies that can help you. Offer a friendly overture to them by simply noticing them, as we’ve already been doing in our five minute breaks. We can also strengthen our new relationship by paying extra attention to how we personally track time.

Remember to notice your breath and heartbeat – the most basic timekeepers we have. Dust off the clocks at your house with a new fondness (or at least, respect). You might want to have a special clock on your altar, as an invitation to heal your connections with this powerful force that our culture often treats like an enemy. You might start a Time journal, where you write a little each day about how Time makes itself known in your life, and the world around you.

More next week! In the meanwhile, savor this process.
Remember to take your time.

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