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The Month of Reed Ends

© The Celtic Tree Oracle
Liz and Colin Murray

When thou wishest to make any experiment or operation, thou must first prepare, beforehand, all the requisites which thou wilt find described… observing the days, the hours, and the other effects of the Constellations… It is, therefore, advisable to know that the hours of the day and of the night together, are twenty-four in number, and that each hour is governed by one of the Seven Planets in regular order, commencing at the highest and descending to the lowest.
-– The Key of Solomon the King,
first published in 1888 by S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers

I hope that you are successfully taking some quiet time this holiday weekend, and at least partially avoiding the maelstrom of shopping, overindulgence, and frantic activity. Instead, I urge you to take a breather or two, in which to bask in the nearly Full Moon’s light, to observe the woven tapestries of bare tree limbs criss-crossing one another, to inhale the musky fragrance of fallen leaves crunching underfoot, and to let the sharp winds caress your face.

Most magical people know that timing is crucial when weaving a spell. The most rudimentary awareness of the waxing or waning Moon should shape your spellcraft. Generally, the waxing Moon is the time for intentions that revolve around creating increase of some kind. And the waning is for causing things, energies, and situations to decrease, as the light of the Moon is also doing at that time.

Similarly, any child would know November is not the time for Springtime magic, unless you live south of the Equator. There, of course, our magical sisters and brothers have just celebrated Beltane and are radiating their warm wishes upon the Earth.

For those of us in the Northern lands, as we move through the weeks ahead, we work our magic in harmony with the dying of the Sun God. This is the time of the Crone Goddess, the surrender and acceptance of the dying world around us, that is the foreshadowing (and memory) of our own history, time and again.

Today, the last day before the Full Moon of November, is the last day of the Celtic Tree Month of the Reed, which resonates with the magic of Samhain. I would give you the exact Latin botanical name, but hours of searching later, I find that the lore is very contradictory, and may include everything from papyrus, to canna, to various elm species. The majority of sources, however, indicate that the reed refers to any number of the grasses that grow in marshy areas, including giant species with stems as high as 12 feet.

Identified with the submerged, secretive water dryads, the Reed represents the mysteries of death, which is natural to this time when the boundary between the Otherworld and this has been dissolved.

This Tree rules prophecy, communication with spirits, and the ability to face our shadow. Tonight, the last night of the Reed, and the night before the Full Moon tomorrow morning (depending on your time zone), work your spells for increase, using the Reed’s extra powers of divination.

And then rest easy in the fullness of time.