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Tarot Card of the Week – Nov. 26 – Dec. 2

The Seven of Pentacles
All human wisdom is summed up in two words – wait and hope.
— Alexandre Dumas Père

The Seven of Pentacles makes a welcome appearance this week. As most people may be aware, seven is considered a “lucky” number, but why? Traditionally, it is a number of magic, spirituality and initiation into a deeper level of Mystery. There are seven main chakras, the human body is said to renew itself on a cellular level every seven years, each phase of the Moon is seven days long, there are seven colors in the visible spectrum, and seven notes in our musical scale.

And of course, with the Pentacles being focused upon the Earthy matters in our lives, this fortune comes in ways that are quite tangible to us. If we have been as diligent as the young man in this card, good results can be expected in the areas of work, money, home and health.

In it, we see him pausing and evaluating the results of his hard work. The vine is laden with fruit, juicy with possibility. He has done everything he possibly can to tend his garden. Now, the rest is up to the Mystery we call “Time.”

So often in our hurry-up world, Time is our enemy, but as I’ve been discussing here in the past weeks, it is more fruitful to consider that Time is our friend, a magical ally with whom we can work in harmony.

As this card shows, ripening is a process that happens in the fullness of time. There is only so much that we can control with our labor, desire, and will. Then the rest is up to Nature.

This week, I suggest you honor Time as your ally, allowing its passage to wisely guide you. Before you reap the well-deserved rewards of your labors, take some time to contemplate and appreciate what you have done. So often, we throw ourselves into this or that project, working furiously, and are already on to the next thing before actually savoring the results.

Instead, know you are being invited to take a time out, in order to evaluate what you are working so hard for. Look closely at what you are creating and take stock. If you need to fine-tune before its harvest, you still can, but the end is in sight. Perhaps this is the time for you to consider what you have learned or what you might change next time.

But whatever you have been working towards, it is now bearing fruit and is almost ready. Wait and hope, for this invites good fortune to co-create with you. Allow the fullness of Time, your friend and ally, to do its job, knowing that this is the mysterious force which ensures that the fruit will be plentiful and sweet.