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A Yule Magical Spell

Night Fall #1 – Mary McIntyre ©2003
I believe in rainbows and all of that. But there are darker colors …
and it’s the shade that defines the light.

–– Tori Amos

As we work with the magic of timing, once again this year, I invite my visitors to join with me in a magical working that is rooted in the energy of time. This time spell has produced some powerful results, and I hope that as we all join forces, it will do so again, perhaps in wondrous new ways.

As we’ve been observing, this is the season of the deepening darkness. The Moon is waning and the Sun’s light shortens every day. In the northernmost lands, it barely clears the horizon and soon, in some places, it will not rise at all. Now, in our ways that honor the Wheel of the Year, we surrender to this time with respect, not fear. For the Wise know that the dark is not evil, nor an enemy to be fought, but a true friend with lessons and gifts of her own.

Yet the human heart loves the light, and so we enter the time of anticipation and preparation for its return. This year, let us make an extra effort to call in the great power of the Light Reborn. Let us join together in a vast, interconnected act of magic and intention. I invite you to join your energies as the Wheel turns into the deepest dark of the year, knowing that the slow rebirth of the Sun will come at last.

Let our intentions be that all people of good and true hearts will join together to shine the Light of understanding and truth onto the dark corners where secrets and lies have flourished. Let our light awaken our human family from its trance of despair, cynicism, apathy, fear and hatred. Let the light guide us to take action, to reject the messages of victimization, and the hypnosis that steals our power. Let our light aid us as we restore honor, beauty, and good will among all humans. Let the light guide our hearts and hands to act on behalf of our besieged Mother Earth.

In tomorrow‘s post, I’ll share more details of this magical spell. If you have participated in this magic before, I invite you to share your thoughts here, about how it worked for you personally in the past, as well as your suggestions for how it can be adjusted to your particular needs or situations.

Blessed be!