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A New Year’s Gift

The plum tree, dwindling, contains less of the spring;
But the garden is wider, and holds more of the moon.

— Zen saying

Yesterday, I suggested that you consider the wisdom of our Ancestors who observed this as the New Year (instead of at the end of the Saturnalia/Christmas/Hanukkah/Yule revelries).

The veil is now at its thinnest, the Wise Ones say. Not only is this the veil between the living and the dead, or the mortal and immortal realms. It is also the veil that lies between the realms within ourselves, where we are divided, such as what we call our Light and Shadow.

Now, on this magical threshold, we are in an ideal position to evaluate our final “harvest,” and make plans for future changes we desire or need. We are now descending into the darkest time of the year – a time for contemplation and surrender. What better time for resolving to bring the power and transformation of our choosing for the coming year and a day? For this is the intimate New Year that you can observe quietly for yourself, if you wish.

Two years ago on my website, I shared a wonderful little book that can help you do exactly this. What if your Faerie Goddessmother appeared, waved her magic wand, and gave you one year to do exactly what you have always wished you could, if only you had more time? What would you do?

That is the premise of The Gift of a Year: How to Give Yourself the Most Meaningful, Satisfying, and Pleasurable Year of Your Life, by psychotherapist Mira Kirshenbaum. For one year, you do something that makes you feel great about yourself and your life. Just for one year, out of all the years of your life, you give yourself permission to put yourself and one small (or big) desire first.

When was the last time you did something important, just for you? I’m not talking about yet another self-improvement New Year’s resolution. And this is not something you choose, because you need it, like buying new shoes. But only, simply — because you want to?

Her book is filled with examples of people just like all of us, who are too busy, over-committed, stretched thin, juggling everyone else’s needs, with at least occasional monetary challenges. Yet following her clear, concrete strategies, they all find ways to give themselves one year of meeting some of their own deepest needs.

It can be as simple as one woman’s decision to take a year long time-out from the dating scene (after yet another heartbreak). Instead, every night for one year, she came home from work, turned off the phone, poured a luxurious bubble bath, and read. You won’t believe how this one small simple choice changed her life!

Or your special year can be big, like the trip to India another woman chose. She did not travel the whole year, of course — this is about real people, remember? But she gave herself a year to save some money, plan her itinerary, make contacts, learn some history and even a bit of Sanskrit. It all culminated in her magical trip of a lifetime.

If you need help seeing why you are entitled to give yourself an entire year, Kirshenbaum will help you, in her smart, straightforward, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny style. If you are wondering how you will take care of the practical issues (like how to get time and support from your family, for instance), she has a no-fail blueprint for nearly every situation.

And what if you are so stressed and exhausted that you don’t even know where to begin? You need this gift most of all, and the book offers examples, quizzes and checklists that can resuscitate even the most depleted soul.

Whether your year is a treat, or a life-saver, join with the growing number of joyful people who are giving themselves at least one year, and emerging forever changed and energized as a result.

So yet again, dear reader, I wish you a
Happy New Year!

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