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The Lifeblood of Humanity

When prosperity comes, do not use all of it.
— Confucius

Yesterday, I suggested that you bless all the money that you spend – cash, checks, and plastic. Sounds crazy? Maybe, but I think that if everyone who visits here begins to do this, and can convince others to give it a try, something very magical may happen. One of my readers has responded by sharing a wonderful Money Spell that you can read by going here.

Money has been called the lifeblood of humanity on this planet. Like blood flowing from one organ to another, it flows from person to person, country to country. From Wall Street to the most remote village, money affects all of humanity. Like blood, it provides that which nourishes us, and that which cleanses our systems and keeps us healthy. Or it can carry disease; its arteries can be blocked, bringing poverty and lack, which eventually cause chaos and death.

When the blood is diseased, the body cannot survive. When the blood is healthy, the body becomes stronger. Dollar by dollar, check by check — by peso, by yen, by dinar, by Euro — we can cleanse and heal the cells of that blood as it circulates.

For centuries, that circulation has been contaminated by war, fear, greed, hoarding, desperation and pain. Charging your money and your checks with peace, generosity, faith, and, yes, love, means that every time you consciously spend it, you are inserting a completely different kind of energy into the monetary system . It is a kind of energy that mostly hasn’t been there in millennia, but which we desperately need now.

And here’s something to think about. If you can’t spend your cash or write that check without adding to the pool of fear and worry, if you can’t hand over the money without regret, fear, or guilt, wake up and pay attention to this. If you notice that you are feeling negative energy as you are about to pay, stop. Ask yourself if you really have to spend that money right now. If the answer is no, then don’t.

By using money that you have blessed, or looking closely at your signature as you use your plastic, you can reconnect to your intention. This is an act of powerful magic. You are adding your charge to the lifeblood of humanity — for good, or for ill.

When you use money in a sacred way, mindful of how you have imbued it with hope, healing, and gratitude, your spending habits will change. This is very likely to create an immediate, very positive shift in your own abundance as well as your relationship in general to material goods.

Of course, the reality is that sometimes, we must spend our money anyway. We don’t always get to feel cheery about everywhere it goes, or what we must pay for. And yes, many of us are in financial hot water.

We’ll save that discussion for tomorrow!

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  • October 31, 2007, 12:58 pm Ruinwen

    Thank you for sharing my spell. I’ve really enjoyed your posts on money. 🙂