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Tarot Card of the Week – October 1 – 7

The Five of Swords

In war, resolution; in defeat, defiance; in victory, magnanimity.
— Sir Winston Churchill

Here it is again, one of the most frequently drawn cards in my Card of the Week. When it came up again today, I was sorely tempted to quietly put it back and try again, because to be honest, I am as weary of seeing it as you probably are.

But I have to be truthful and this was the card that I pulled, in sacred space, with the intention of being for the highest good of all who visit here. So it must be needed and important.

The mood in the Five of Swords is stormy, and arguments may be common this week. Mars has just moved into the sign of Cancer, where it will be until next spring. An uneasy aspect at best, astrologer Lynn Hayes notes, “With Mars in Cancer our defensive tendencies are on high alert and we may be more reactive than normally…”

Thus, I would first caution that you take care to disarm a natural tendency towards defensiveness or angrily taking things personally. Even if you are logically, analytically in the right, you risk creating permanent enmity by responding with aggression.

For the Five of Swords shows a figure who has defeated his adversaries, but who gloats at his win. His victory seems hollow, at best, and perhaps even unfair. This card often heralds a no-win situation, where even if victory comes, it comes at a price. For the humiliated enemy will always eventually regroup in some way, and be back to fight another day.

This week, treat your adversaries with kindness. Avoid making enemies. Even though you may be smarter, more powerful, and have the “biggest guns,” you don’t always have to prove it. Instead, stretch out the hand of peace and magnanimity instead.

On the other hand, if you are feeling overwhelmed, sometimes a strategic retreat is the best action. Be willing to be flexible and break down the problem into manageable parts. Or perhaps it would be best to completely back off if you’re getting nowhere on a task or situation. If you feel you are being treated unfairly, realize that you are not permanently defeated. Avoid bitterness. Instead, learn from your mistakes.

Take extra care to protect what is valuable to you, and be careful about people who would deal with you in underhanded, dishonest ways, as well as any temptation to do so on your part. Winning at any price will not really vanquish your competitors. They say that all’s fair in love and war, but payback always comes to the bully. When it does, beware, because the support of karmic righteousness will be behind it.

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