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Releasing, healing

I cut negative bonds of attachment to lack and limitation.
I cancel the belief that struggle is noble.

— Jeanie Marshall, Personal Development Consultant

Did you have a chance this weekend to try some automatic writing about your memories and feelings about money? I hope so. This can be very instructive, opening up insights you may not have been aware of before. For now, as we consider our own relationships with money, our history, and our expectations, we can also begin to heal these stories.

The goal here is to release our feelings of fear, neediness, conflict, guilt and the other mixed emotions that most of us have around money. Of course, one obvious part of this healing process is to become more whole in all aspects of our lives. So any work we are doing in general, to become more balanced and aware in our spiritual, physical, and emotional life, will affect our relationship with prosperity and money.

Releasing from the hidden places our conflicts and shadows is an important beginning. While you do so, I recommend that you give yourself plenty of time for journaling, meditation, and self-care. You may find your dreams are more vivid than usual, or you may feel your emotions are generally closer to the surface. Be gentle with yourself. You are processing a lifetime’s worth of emotionally charged history.

One powerful meditation tool that Barbara Wilder, author of Money is Love, suggests is that you spend time every day connecting to the Divine Source, which is, after all, the Giver of Good (including, but not limited to, cash). Her particular exercise is called White Light Meditation. She describes a process in which you first enter a state of deep relaxation, trance, or meditation. When you are ready, visualize a beautiful wave of liquid, white, heavenly light that floods through your body and spirit, cleansing, healing and removing all pain or hurt. Try spending fifteen minutes or so every day with this exercise, letting the light wash away and ground into the earth all your worry, fear and pain.

Other self-care may include smudging, toning from singing bowls, chakra cleansing, and so forth. The more you can clear your energetic and aetheric fields, the more open you are to remembering that, as a child of the Universe, you are connected to All that Is. All that you need is available to you. It is your sacred birthright to live and thrive wholly.

This does not mean nothing bad ever happens, nor does it mean that you spend money you do not yet have. But opening your awareness, and knowing you can ask for your heart’s desires without shame is a big step in recovering a right relationship with money.

More steps tomorrow.

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  • October 9, 2007, 8:30 am Jeanie Marshall

    Thanks so much for quoting me. You have a wonderful blog and I just wanted to say hi.

    I also thought that some of your readers might be interested in knowing about a new meditation course I am offering free of charge. It’s called, “Meditate Now: 21 days to Meditate Regularly.” Details at

  • October 9, 2007, 8:40 am Beth Owl's Daughter

    Wow! Thanks so much for stopping by, Jeanie! I love your work, which I read regularly in the GrannyMoon feast.

    I hope you’ll stop by regularly!
    – Beth