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Money and Magic

When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.
— Desiderius Erasmus

Like an athame which cuts, divides, and defines, or the wand, which directs the user’s will and desire to manifest, money can be thought of as a magical tool that is connected to the Element of Earth. For people who are already familiar with working with the Elements of Magic, Earth energy is an old friend.

If you think of it like a seed or a plant, using money as a magical tool becomes much more natural. Realizing that it can be blessed, tended, nurtured, and allowed to ripen, you begin to understand how money can grow. Seeing that it is sacred and alive and a vessel of the Divine, you can begin to change your attitude about money.

Learning to flow with and even embrace the energy of money in a sacred way does require a shift in attitude and consciousness. There are thousands of years of very bloody human history woven into our money. And in our culture, we are personally bound to have a lifetime of mixed messages (at best) about it.

As I’ve been discussing, understanding and healing your own history with money is the first step. That’s why it is important for you to review your own family’s myths and stories about money and the lessons you were first taught about it. In addition, I suggest that you examine the lessons surrounding you within your present workplace. If you work for a company or larger institution, what messages does your work culture send about the availability of money, advancement, wealth and competition for gain?

If you work for yourself, or for a small business, notice the way that money is handled, both incoming, and outgoing. Are there any fears about financial solvency? How easy is it for you (or your company) to purchase basic necessities and any services or items that require more of an investment?

I would suggest that, to really begin to heal and change your understanding of your relationship with this magical tool, you will need to go deeper than just thinking briefly about it while you are reading this.

Tomorrow, I’ll offer some ideas about how you can.

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