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Dark of the Moon

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Dark of the Moon

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When we give, we simply make room for more to come in. When we become deeply, authentically generous, it signals to our abundant universe that there is a conduit open to receive and distribute. We become part of the vital natural system.
— Lenedra J. Caroll, The Architecture of All Abundance

In my Tarot practice, I talk with many people who have faced terrible hardships, violent loss, sudden illness, and countless other difficulties that can try our very souls. When these things happen, our faith is tested, and it sometimes becomes hard to believe that the Universe is not out to get us. It is all very well and good to say we trust Spirit. When life is going smoothly, it is not so hard. But when the chips are down, do we?

I assure you that keeping a Gratitude Journal is a practical, powerful tool for doing exactly that. While it is lovely to count your blessings when you can clearly see that your life is full of them, I found that it has been in my darkest days, that the Gratitude Journal was a lifeline of faith. Not only could I go back and remember the sunny days, but the exercise of finding the five daily events or items for which I could sincerely give thanks gave me the strength I needed. It often lit the way forward through what would have otherwise crushed my spirit.

What has this got to do with money and prosperity? It is true that abundance and gratitude extend far beyond the realms of cash. But the underlying beliefs that you hold about your place in the Divine Plan (or lack thereof) will carry over to your beliefs about the availability of financial support as well.

Nurturing and noticing the loving hands of Spirit in your daily round is like a savings account, where you are literally saving up your experience of grace for those rainy days that befall each of us at some time.

As time passes, and we see the ongoing evidence of personal abundance in its many forms, we can begin to remember, as our ancestors knew, that money is a bridge between the spiritual and mundane realms. This begins to heal how we use it and prioritize it in our lives.

Ultimately, daily journaling of the blessings in your life can help to dissolve your negative experiences of money and abundance. It can infect you with what Rob Brezsny calls “Pronoia” – “the sneaking suspicion that the whole world is conspiring to shower you with blessings.”

What you think often does become your reality. If you want to have a more blessed reality, cultivate gratitude. It is an easy, quick daily practice that can have profound results.

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