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All Others Pay Cash

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So here’s the thing. In many cases, behaving, before it has actually happened, as if you had already reached your aspirations can be a powerful healing tool. But it is a big mistake in money matters. The behavior modification technique of acting as if can build a foundation for long-term behavior change. But spending as if you have wealth you don’t really have is deadly.

Yet all too often, people tell themselves it’s okay to max out their credit card. They rationalize that if they have faith, the money will somehow manifest itself. Sometimes it does, for the Universe is bountiful and loving. And I’m the last person who would discourage you from having faith.

But often, it does not arrive, at least not in the time frame that Visa and American Express and the utilities company demand. Money, in my experience, doesn’t work like a magic wand. After all, wands are Fire energy. Money is Earth energy. Wands work because of your will and desire. Money works like a seed – it grows, with care and nurturing from you. No seed — no growth, no fruit. It’s really pretty simple; it’s a matter of understanding the kind of magic you’re working with.

“In God We Trust” is written on U.S. money as a reminder that this magic exists when the cash is actually in your hand.

So if we consider that money is energy, specifically Earth energy, then we can realize its energy flows like living things that grow, flourish, and are harvested. It has its own kind of integrity unto itself. And, like all else that lives, it is an aspect of the Divine. It requires respect and a cooperative process.

Tomorrow, we’ll consider what this means.

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