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Acting As If

Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty.
— Socrates

This week, we’ll begin to wind down our examination of money as a magical tool. I hope you’ve had a chance to contemplate your own beliefs about money: where it comes from, how much is available to you, and how much you need.

For, as we’ve been seeing, it has been a long time since the energy of money seemed simple. Its history, both globally and in our own personal family experiences, is full of contradictions and even pain. So let’s start healing our stories about money and prosperity. Let’s learn once more to use money as a bridge between the human and Divine realms.

First, you may be familiar with the profound, life affirming changes you can make by using a behavior modification tool called “acting as if.” This is a powerful way to shape new behaviors. The idea is that if you act as if you were already the person you aspire to be, you eventually will become that person. The psychological principle here is that when people act in a certain way long enough, eventually the thoughts and feelings that support the desired behavior also will strengthen. Feelings, insights, and altered self-perceptions often follow behavior change, rather than precede it.

In other words, change your behavior first, and your self-image and habits will eventually catch up. If you behave as if you were unafraid to give a speech, as if you are confident and poised, or as if you were a non-smoker, it becomes natural for these changes to occur. Some folks call this, “fake it till you make it.”

This truly is an example of how thoughts become things. What we think about can create important changes, and consciously behaving in the ways that would be normal if our desire was already true can be profoundly healing.

But when it comes to creating wealth and money, we absolutely cannot behave as if we are already millionaires. Acting as if we had money to burn does not make it so, and will create instead a wealth of problems.

More about this tomorrow.

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