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The Last Day of Summer

The End of Summer
by Peter J. Gorham

Turn and take the summer with you to its fall.
Take away its outlook and its need–

the message of the sun at hilltop–

and hand it to the courier, who waits

to run the valleys and the shade

and hand it in good season

to its heir.

It has blessed you, truly once again
but summer goes its way, it must,

and craggy hands of autumn

seduce you fresh with promises

filled in blinding summer light,

unnoticed, not ahead.

Ahead lies cold incrimination

that faults you yet again

for missing twice the splendour.

Do not rush estival’s cool end,
for behind her is the icy breath of winter.

Hold her hot against your form

and let her breathe her lovefire on you

and make you sweat

beneath her crushing heat.

Hold her as you know

that she’ll be gone soon,

and in her place will be the snow.

Copyright © 2004 Peter J. Gorham