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Tarot Card of the Week – Sept. 3 – 9, 2007


Mother Nature is a stern punisher of crime. There is no cheating, bribery or leniency in her court of natural law and karma. The same goes for Saturn. Virgo’s vision is a life where natural order is restored and respected and natural justice rightfully reigns.

— Guru Rattana, New Millennium Being

I suppose I should not have been surprised when today’s card came up. Particularly after yesterday’s discussion about Mother Nature’s unsympathetic punishment for those who squander and disrespect Her gifts. In fact, as I wrote yesterday’s quote from Guru Rattana, I envisioned the Justice card. Still, it was a bit of a shock this morning. Frankly, I’d forgotten about it as I performed my faithful clearing and shuffling, only noticing that the deck strongly seemed to cut itself.

So here it is again, my friends. Justice returns. Its appearance certainly may manifest in your personal affairs this week, calling for your attention to legal and financial matters, or the need for you to make an important decision, the wisdom of which depends on your ability to be fair and impartial. To go back and read my previous interpretations along those lines, you can review some of my previous entries here.

But frankly, I can’t help but notice how this week’s reappearance of the Justice card combines with the seriousness of Saturn’s move into Virgo that I discussed here yesterday. It feels to me like a global wake-up call. We must, individually and collectively, focus our resources on stopping the damage we are inflicting on one another and the Earth, our home.

Or else.

I believe that this week’s Justice is a very focused message that we cannot continue to do “business as usual,” caring only about gas prices fluctuating by nickels or dimes, as if that is the only environmental payback that matters. We cannot continue to mourn only our own dead in the “global war on terror,” without mourning the hundreds of thousands of innocents whose blood is on our hands.

I see incredible hope for the human race – an awakening that is happening on an international scale, unprecedented in human history. But we also are on the brink of catastrophe from which there is no return. The payback from war, poverty, genocide, pandemic, and our mindless environmental suicide is closing in.

We sit on the exact tipping point of Justice — right now, this week. Each of us bears full responsibility, for we are each interconnected with one another, and All That Is.

For good or for ill, you will tip the scales.

Just remember, either way, sooner or later, Justice is served.

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