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Saturn on the Move

Nothing amuses me more than the easy manner with which everybody settles the abundance of those who have a great deal less than themselves.
— Jane Austen

According to Dan Furst, whose terrific Universal Festival Calendar website is one of my favorite places to explore, the most important planetary change of the year comes today, as Saturn leaves Leo after spending two years there, and moves into the sign of Virgo. It is the opening move of a very momentous time when all the slower-moving outer planets will be changing signs: Pluto to Capricorn (next year); Uranus to Aries, Chiron to Pisces and then Saturn moves again, to Libra (2010); and Neptune into Pisces (2011).

So what can we expect during Saturn in Virgo? “The usual menu,” Dan writes, “depending on one’s intentions and scope of vision. Those whose spirit is one of service and whose compassion is wide-ranging will contribute the careful, responsible effort we expect of Saturn, carried out with the attentiveness and accuracy we expect of Virgo. Others will be vain, pedantic and demanding; and when they’ve isolated and punished themselves, they will blame others for not understanding them.”

He highlights an additional perspective, from Guru Rattana, in her monthly New Millennium Being newsletter that has special relevance to our current explorations regarding abundance and the harvest: “Virgo is represented by a young Maiden/Virgin. She is often depicted sitting in a boat holding a flame in one hand and a chaff of grain in the other. She is gently and effortlessly moving with the flow of the evolving and manifesting current. The Virgo archetype represents the principle of universal justice, which happens when natural laws are obeyed. When they are not obeyed, adjustments are made to re-establish natural order. Often we don’t like the consequences of these adjustments.

“Virgo embodies and represents the intrinsic orderliness and the fertility of nature. She understands and honors the value, appropriateness and way of life of every natural form — including, plants, animals, human beings and Mother Earth herself. Virgo is attuned to the reality that nature’s way is unfolded in the seasons, life and death, the waxing and waning of the Moon, and the yearly and daily progression of the Sun and the Planets.

“Virgo is both saddened and disgusted by the disorder, destruction, chaos, and wastefulness of time and resources. Virgo does not have any sympathy for those who squander precious resources and make a mess of things. Mother Nature is a stern punisher of crime. There is no cheating, bribery or leniency in her court of natural law and karma. The same goes for Saturn. Virgo’s vision is a life where natural order is restored and respected and natural justice rightfully reigns.”

After tomorrow’s Tarot Card of the Week, we’ll explore in more detail these lessons of the natural give and take of energy, specifically as it is made manifest in money.

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