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Money and the Mind

Autumn Harvestlt is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.
— Seneca

What gives the plastic and pieces of paper in our wallets value? We do. For several generations, money has ceased being representative of any “real” commodity, like gold. Its power and value come only from the government that issues it, and the people who exchange it.

Author Barbara Wilder asks, “Does mass-mind consciousness, the combined thinking of a population, have the ability to create a reality?” Quantum physics and quark theories would seem to say yes. The new physics points to the scientific possibility that our thoughts affect energy, and this can determine and shape changes in physical reality.

And, as any economic student or historian of the economic crash of 1929 will tell you, “mass-mind consciousness and the combined thinking of a population” most definitely create the reality of monetary value. In fact, in today’s world, they are the only things that do.

It has been our thought, and the energy we give to those thoughts that have created the system that has evolved from shells and grain, to coins, to paper, to electronic data.

Money is energy that is directed by our thoughts. It takes whatever form we all decide it does. Like all forms of energy, it must have a source, and it must flow.

Our ancestors understood the real source of money and wealth energy. It was Loving Abundance, the hand of the Divine, pouring out blessings.

Yet, now, because we have completely disconnected money from its Source, we are increasingly desperate for its power. We put more and more attention into getting it, keeping it, spending it, hoarding it. Its appearance in our lives seems random and chaotic, lucky or unlucky. Despite working longer hours, despite living in unprecedented luxury, we as a culture find ourselves starving for more.

How then to change this? We’ll begin to examine that tomorrow.