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Liminal spaces and Mr. Greenspan

Threshold © Joanna Powell Colbert

Every horizon, upon being reached, reveals another beckoning in the distance. Always, I am on the threshold.
— W. Eugene Smith, Photojournalist (1918 -1978)

As we examine the meaning of money, I find it interesting that

Alan Greenspan, the highest guru of money in our lifetime, has been making the talk show rounds, discussing his new book and revealing this exact idea: that the stock market and the value of money are all based entirely on peoples’ perceptions. (My friend astrologer Lynn Hayes has a link to his unusually candid interview with Jon Stewart here).

He makes it very clear: if our perception is that money is plentiful, that all is well, and that it will continue to be so, the stock market goes up. If things get dicey, and people get fearful (for reasons real or imagined), it goes down.

So it is by our belief that money flows or stops. It is exactly like magic, only it is magic that is performed and affected by many factors and the mass belief systems of the population.

This is because money is energy. It is energy that is directly affected by our thoughts about it, and takes any form and value that we collectively agree upon. Money is an intersection between intention and attention; it is a liminal space between consensual reality and desire.

It is, as our ancestors understood, a bridge between the human realms and the grace of the Divine One(s). When we begin to see that money is an energetic flow that connects us to what is sacred and life-giving, whether you call that Spirit, Goddess, or any other name you prefer, our relationships with acquisition, giving, gratitude and gathering become healthy and return to balance.

If nothing is sacred, though, or you have no belief in a power beyond yourself, you’re on your own, kiddo. You’re it, and that cuts you off from the Source. And whatever you have will never be enough for you.

By recognizing that wealth has a divine Source, one by one, each of us can change our relationship to money. And one by one, that changes how money actually flows for us. And it can then, in turn, change its meaning and value in the world. Next week, I’ll have some suggestions about where to begin. I believe it will be an amazing, and very rewarding journey for each of us.

In the meantime, as you may remember, over the weekends I take a break from writing, and instead share the voices and wisdom from others. This weekend brings us to the second Great Harvest festival, the Equinox, or Mabon as it is called in my tradition. This is a time that is all about liminal spaces and balance, so I hope you’ll visit here and celebrate with me.