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Hungry and afraid

Money is, in some respects, life’s fire: it is a very excellent servant, but a terrible master.
— P.T. Barnum

As we move this week to the threshold that brings the dark time of the year to the Northern Hemisphere, and the great harvest celebrations, we naturally consider the meaning of abundance in our lives. For modern peoples, prosperity depends in some degree on money.

We’ve been exploring the history of money, in order to better understand its influence on us in today’s culture. Once, it was directly tied to the Divine, and even thought of as a literal, physical bridge between the Gods and the human realms. Over the centuries, that sense of spirituality has long departed. In some ways, we are now left worshipping the thing itself, the empty shell. We have forgotten the beliefs and magic that once gave it life.

Like empty calories that fatten, but do not nurture, we accumulate money in its many forms – cash, coin, virtual numbers that represent commodities and shares in business ventures, electronic impulses that flash on our computer monitors. Yet we find that more is not enough. As a culture, we are at once both the wealthiest on the planet, and the most in debt. There are many among us who fill our homes with so many things, that we have to make trails in order to move about. But we are still hungry for more.

We have replaced the faith that money and wealth are blessings from the Goddess, with the fear that we will not have enough to meet our ever-growing need. Where there is no gratitude, there can only be the taint of worry. The paradox is that the more we trust the loving hand of the Divine, the less fear of powerlessness we feel.

That is all very well and good, you may be thinking, but we can’t just snap our fingers and change this, can we?

In the next several days, let’s consider that.

Because I have a few ideas that perhaps, if you and I join together, we can.