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Happy Birthday, Libra!

On this date, the Sun leaves Virgo and continues its journey by entering the sign of Libra, fittingly, the sign of the balanced scales.

Librans are brilliant and skillful when it comes to relating to others and forming partnerships of all sorts. For a Libra, everything is better if it’s done together. Just like the Scales which symbolize their sign, Librans want to be in balance, with life on an even keel. They are very objective, fair, and want to do what’s best for everyone. Libras are superb at seeing all sides of a situation, sometimes to the point of seeming indecisive.

They hate conflict, though, and may study every possible angle in the hopes of avoiding confrontation. And because they can relate to everyone‘s point of view, they may seem fickle at times. But Librans make outstanding judges, lawyers or politicians. Libra’s ability to be tactful and diplomatic in all circumstances is renowned.