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Uh-oh. Gone again!

Hi, everyone. I am here at the Durham County library logging in, because yesterday (because it rained??) my Time Warner internet service went down. They are telling me the earliest they can send a technician to fix it is next Tuesday.

So I am very disappointed to tell you that once again, this time not due to my own traveling, but because of my sketchy ISP, I am not going to be able to visit with you here, possibly for several days. And updating my actual website will be totally impossible during this time.

I try to tell myself that we are still in the early days of this technology, like the “olden days” when (I am actually old enough to remember this in rural areas) electric and phone services were shaky and often unreliable. Well, that’s what I tell myself…

Oh well. Unless I pony up a huge increase in my monthly service payment to call myself a business account (which is the kind that serves big corporations and so forth), evidently I am a low priority for them.

So now I will go and take my own advice and practice acceptance, surrender and gratitude. The latter is the easiest – I am indeed grateful to know that you’ll be there waiting whenever I get back again from being lost in the ethers…
— Beth

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