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Happy Birthday, Virgo!

Virgos believe that work is a requirement for a virtuous, worthwhile, and fulfilling life. But their name is often misunderstood, for Virgo is not about celibacy or virginity – the Goddess that rules over Virgo is the fecund Goddess of the Harvest, Ceres. She stands for all that is voluptuous and abundant, so unlike popular myth, Virgo can be a sensual, pleasure-loving sign. They like to live life to the full and they also like to do things to the very best of their ability, perhaps giving them their exaggerated reputation for being picky perfectionists.

Virgo people often have an innate desire to be of service. In addition, Virgo rules the physical body, the temple of the spirit. For Virgo, caring comes in the form of finding workable solutions to everyday problems. Thus, Virgo is the pragmatic problem-solver, able to focus on details that others may overlook. They are often gifted doctors, nurses, teachers, therapists, researchers, scientists, and engineers. Virgo is one of the especially gifted healers of the zodiac.