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The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.
— Oscar Wilde

Having warned you that I was expecting to be offline until Tuesday, naturally, everything seems to be working for now, so I will offer a brief update this morning. But if you don’t see the Tarot card of the week update tomorrow morning as usual, you’ll know that my connection konked out again.

Before I was so rudely interrupted, I was actually writing about inner peace, surrender and acceptance. (Being dependent on a mega-corporation’s technology in order to visit with you daily requires a lot of these).

It is when we are already peaceful within that we will have the serenity to know when to step in and make change happen, and when to be willing to gracefully allow change. That serenity also gives us the willingness and grace to be wrong sometimes. The more we cultivate self-awareness, and our connection to All That Is, the more we deepen our self-acceptance, and acceptance of any given situation. This means we can more clearly understand what is beyond our control, or what requires our deliberate intervention.

To give. To receive. Breathing in. Breathing out. This is really the soul of our existence, isn’t it? Someone once said that the only two prayers we really have are “Please,” and “Thank you.”

It seems to me that serenity starts with “Thank you.”

Hopefully, if I can remain connected, I’ll say more about this Tuesday.

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