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The Ruby Realms: identity, power, survival

An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody will see it.
— Mahatma Gandhi

The ruby is July’s sacred stone. It is a gem that is associated with the base chakra, the vortex of energy that is at the base of our spine and relates to self awareness. It is the area of survival and stability and rules your understanding and sense of your place on this earth. The root chakra is all about security issues.

This chakra is the grounding force that teaches us our lessons about the material world, and deals with self esteem, social order, and family.

How appropriate, then, that it is the birth stone for both the United States and Canada. This past Monday was Canada Day, and today is Independence Day in the United States of America.

For these are clearly issues that are pivotal today in America. Every year on this day, we celebrate the freedoms we enjoy, unprecedented in history. They are what this country was, in fact, founded upon.

Yet this year, our liberties are in jeopardy as never before – from our own government. The man who put his hand on the book he declares to be his most holy writ swore to us all that he would uphold our Constitution and the laws of our land. Yet, over and over, he and his administration have knowingly, shamelessly, and with complete impunity violated both the spirit and letter of our laws.

Looking through the crimson lens of the ruby, what do you see, in terms of this country’s basic place in the world, and survival? Does it not appear that there are parasites that are corrupting and destroying our most basic value of a government that is of the people, by the people and for the people? When we turn a blind eye to torture, the destruction of habeus corpus, illegal spying on our own citizens, financial scandal and corruption, the agony of New Orleans, a war that was spawned from corporate greed and lies, and the countless other crimes being carried out under our noses, while our leaders debate, discuss, call for investigations and posture impotently, what do you see in the base chakra of America?

I think it is worth noting that this year, as last year, Independence Day finds us again in a Mercury retrograde. So what? Astrologer Eric Francis explains, “Mercury retrograde on the birthday of the United States is a meaningful statement to review our nation’s conduct, and our experience of being either Americans or subject to the choices of the American federal government the past few years.”

Today, I invite — I dare you — to gaze through the clear lens of the ruby, and consider the core identity of America. Not the once upon a time one. Today. Now. Who are we? Those that would bring us harm are gaining power, and they are not only fanatical strangers from foreign lands. They are the familiar, utterly false personalities who have taken over our highest halls of power and the law.

Yes, I’m talking about impeachment.

It is our patriotic duty. As one site notes, “There are no good excuses for failing to first impeach Dick Cheney. Cheney lied repeatedly about Iraq’s WMD’s – and he’s still lying today. He stood in front of 5 F-16’s on an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf to threaten an illegal war of aggression against Iran. His Chief of Staff, Scooter Libby, committed perjury and obstruction of justice to avoid telling Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald that Cheney told him to expose Valerie Plame’s identity – a major felony and arguably treason by Cheney. Last week the Washington Post reported Cheney was the leading advocate for using torture – also a major felony and a war crime. And when it comes to any form of accountability, Cheney insists he’s above the law.”

Impeaching, convicting and removing Dick Cheney and George W. Bush from office is more important than simply punishing them for their crimes, although they surely deserve it. It sends the vitally important message to their successors (assuming there will be successors in 2009), that no one is above the law and failure to “preserve, protect and defend” the US Constitution, and partipation in criminal behavior and corruption will not be tolerated.

I know that this is not my usual kind of daily magical essay, and it certainly isn‘t very jolly or comforting. But it comes directly from the ruby realm of the root chakra of survival.

I call upon every one of you who may read this today to work to turn the tide. The list of co-sponsors of House Resolution 333 to impeach Dick Cheney will not be updated until July 10, when Congress gets back to Washington. But Congress Members can contact Dennis Kucinich’s office in the meantime and sign on. Now is the time for us to visit them, phone them, and email them, to encourage them to do so.

that he or she sign onto Kucinich’s articles of impeachment or introduce their own. Ask that they not only sign on, but make a public statement in support.

May we hold our heads up once again, without shame, and knowing that we have fought to secure for future generations the liberties our forefathers intended.

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