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The Eyes Have It!

Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world..
— R. Hunter/J. Garcia

Each of us has many senses, including the five or six we are most familiar with. Bliss is usually a blending of several senses in very pleasurable ways. And bliss is especially likely when our dominant sense is involved, preferably being the primary receptor of the experience. Do you know what your dominant sense is?

For instance, some people are very visual – colors, paintings, movies, photographs, and images impact them. This is the child (or mother-in-law) who will walk right into the room you spent hours cleaning and find the one and only speck of dirt. Or the child who can breeze through games of “I Spy” and “Where’s Waldo” and always wins in the license plate car games.

Visually dominant people learn best from visual cues. They need to see a chart, rather than just listen to a lecture. Their powers of observation are natural and well honed. If your boss is a visual person, you would be smart to learn that she’d rather have a memo in her hands that she can read, before she listens to your request. And she would really, really rather have a graph or other illustrations in that memo.

To learn if someone you interact with is a visually dominant person, listen for things like, “I see what you mean,” “The lightbulb went on,” “Look here,” and “This looks okay” or “Looks like trouble.”

If you are visually dominant person, you completely agree that a picture is worth a thousand words. You may find that you prefer to watch movies or TV rather than reading a book, and the idea of books on CD or tape is not a bit appealing.

Visual appearances are important to you, and you always take care to make a good first impression. You also learn a lot about others from how they dress and their body language, facial expressions and other cues. When you go on vacation, you love to go sightseeing, you always take a camera, and your ideal hotel room has a spectacular view. And you would much rather look at a map than be told the directions to your destination.

If you are not a visual dominant person, perhaps you are the auditory type. I’ll discuss them tomorrow!

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