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Soul Candy

EVERYTHING in your life, you have attracted .. accept that fact .. it’s true…What you think and what you feel and what actually manifests is ALWAYS a match – no exceptions. – The Secret

Never mind social conditions. Never mind racism, homophobia, colonialism, world history, psychology, trauma, and real-world economics. Everyone, absolutely everyone could be wealthy, happy and in love if they just knew how to use the Law of Attraction. Um, what does that mean for people who are not happy, wealthy or in the perfect relationship? Well, for lesson number two – see lesson number one. You’re just not doing it right, silly. — ‘The Secret’ – Spiritual Cinema? by Julian Walker

Oh, boy. I had a whole other plan about what I was going to write today, but then I opened my email and read the weekly newsletter written by the fabulous Molly Gordon and I just knew I had to share it with you. She is articulating something that has been bugging me, and causing considerable guilt for some of my clients, for months now, only I couldn’t quite find the words.

Yes, it’s in the spirit of our magical theme here, but you know, I only support magic when done with your Truth Detector turned all the way on!

A Side Trip: Molly Rants about the Perils of Soul Candy ===========================================================
Here’s a change of pace from recent articles. I hope you enjoy it. I had a good time writing it, and if I’m poking fun at anyone, that would be me. If you happen to see yourself in it also, you could be human. 😉

There’s eye candy, ear candy, and there’s soul candy.

Soul candy is as old as man’s first self-conscious thought. (Surely that was a woman’s first thought, don’t you think?) The moment humans began thinking, the sweet tooth was born.

There’s a lot of soul candy on the market these days.

For $29.95 you can buy a spiritual guide to anything from selling real estate to shopping. (I kid you not. Check out St. Joseph, My Real Estate Agent, and Retail Therapy: Life Lessons Learned While Shopping .)

There’s nothing wrong with soul candy, per se. In fact, some soul candy is not really candy at all, but is perfectly nutritious when it’s properly digested as part of a balanced diet. A little bit of scripture can go a long way.

(Which is why I appreciate the Jews’ studied approach to scripture. I’m thinking the rabbinic tradition of unfolding interpretations makes the Talmud and Torah spiritual analogs of “live food.”)

But however nourishing and authentic a food may be, if you abuse it, you’re at risk of spiritual hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia (literally “low sugar”) is a deficiency of glucose in your blood compounded with sensitivity to the sugar you crave. When you eat concentrated sugar, your blood sugar spikes, then drops, resulting is an unpleasant crash and a mighty hankering for sweets.

For a spiritual hypoglycemic, a movie like The Secret is the spiritual equivalent of 100% pure unadulterated corn syrup. Fortified, the spiritual hypoglycemic takes on real life like a comic book superhero. Limited funds? Ka-POW! Low self-esteem? BAM! Lonely? Sad? Holy hyperbole, Batman, we better wipe out those self-defeating thoughts.

Being a super-hero is hard work even for a comic book character. For a human being, it’s soul-crushing. When the spiritual hypoglycemic inevitably crashes, he lands in reality with a vicious thud.

Bills, weeds, traffic. His brother needs a ride to rehab (and a loan), his cat left a hairball on the bathroom rug, and his mom believes her caregivers are concealing microphones in their scrubs.

To top it off, the spiritual hypoglycemic blames himself for this depressing scenario. His unhappiness is clearly a manifestation of his poor excuse for a belief system, an indictment of his lack of faith.

There’s Truth in that. But like 100% cane juice or 100-proof vodka, Truth consumed immoderately can cause heart palpitations, high blood pressure, even hallucinations.

What’s my point?

Simply this. Whatever your preferred brand of insight and inspiration, the Truth you are seeking is a lot bigger than you are. Try to swallow it, or manipulate it to get your way, and it will swallow you, chew you up, and spit you out.

It’s nothing personal, just Reality doing It’s thing.

And the Good News is that the same Truth in small doses really does set you free. 😉

— Molly Gordon
Authentic Promotion

© July 2007

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  • July 17, 2007, 8:13 pm Marjie

    The Truth is it’s a journey. Not a day trip. It’s a process. It’s about life and living and the search for the soul candy. The learning that comes with the process does not have a short cut.