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Making sense of bliss

All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals
Charge of the Goddess, traditional by Doreen Valiente

liss is a very personal experience. Although we all share the same pleasure receptors, what triggers them, and to what degree, is a very individual thing. One of my most blissful moments was many years ago, while I was soaked to the skin in a summer downpour so ferocious that my contacts were washing out of my eyes, dancing in ankle-deep puddles, and singing along with the Grateful Dead. Although I am baffled as to why not, I recognize this is not everybody’s cup of tea.

What senses bring you bliss? Like being left- or right-handed, most people have a dominant sense. Yes, people use all six senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and intuition), but we do not use them all equally. And we do not derive pleasure and process information through all of them equally.

This preference has been well-documented, based on observing the sensory input that registers most quickly in one’s brain. Unimpaired, we’re able to use all our senses. But experts have identified three sensory systems that are the main ones through which we tend to “take in” the world: visual (seeing), auditory (hearing) and kinesthetic (which includes touch as well as taste, smell, and a hybrid combination that can be described as spacial).

Each of us tends to rely on sight, sound or touch for more of our “data collecting” than on our other senses. And we feel most comfortable and understood when we get data through our preferred system — visual, auditory or kinesthetic.

Do you have any idea what your dominant sense is? Or that of the loved ones and people you interact with every day? Knowing this will be a very important component in your own deeply private experience of bliss, so I’ll share more about this tomorrow.

Meantime, what is bliss to you? Please share your thoughts and experiences as we journey through this magical season of passion and magic!

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