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Coming Tuesday: Fire the Grid

I am sandaled with wind and with flame
I have heart-fire and singing to give,
I can tread on the grass or the stars,

Now at last I can live!

— Sara Teasdale (1884 – 1933)

Now, in this season of Summer’s exquisite passion, we are exploring bliss. We are invited to follow ours, yet to some it may seem only a string of fleeting pleasures, as elusive and difficult to hold as the wind.

But the wise sages, seers, prophets and poets who have walked this world seem to agree that true bliss is not momentary. Certainly, true bliss is not monetary. In fact, there is something about bliss that has to do, not with gratification, but with surrender.

Bliss arises when one is in harmony with “what is.” Bliss is finding that eternal balance between our free will’s individuality and our opening to the non-ego connectedness of which we are a part.

One of the reasons I am urging you to consider what bliss is, is that on Tuesday morning, a worldwide prayer will be invoked. This prayer is being called, “Fire the Grid,” and it asks that you to send waves of love and bliss into the Earth.

Because of a number of astrological positions that are unusually favorable, and because of a confluence of different channelings and messages from other worlds, this is a powerful opportunity to reconnect our human race to the matrix of the planet, to restore the balance, beauty and delight that were meant to be our birthright.

According to Canadian writer Shelly Yates, who is coordinating this, “Firing the grid” will pulse healing energy into the center of the Earth and regenerate the core, or the heart of the planet. This is desperately needed, as we stand at the tipping point of irrevocable harm to our Mother Earth. We are asked to give the gift of our true intention, the gift of our individuality and the gift of our healing energy.

The time has been set for July 17, 2007 at 11:11 Greenwich Mean Time. This will be 7:11am Eastern Daylight Time (you can see the time for your location on a world clock here). She writes, “I have been given no indication about why this date and time have been chosen, but this date has been told to me over and over again. I have been asked to bring together as many humans as possible, throughout the world from every corner of the globe, to simply sit and pray or meditate for one hour during that time. Hopefully, with your help, we will amass a union of humans, such as the world has never seen. Loving humans with one intention – to heal our planet and awaken our souls to our true purpose… to become one with our Source of Light.”

As you do this, it will be helpful for you to connect with your understanding of bliss. Pray and meditate on what you do want, not what you fear or do not want. Bliss, ecstatic love, joy, and blessings are the energies being requested. Whatever you understand as the exquisite Divine, I hope you will gather it around you like a beautiful cloak, and on Tuesday, wherever you are, for one hour, pour every bit of it into the sweet Earth that is our Mother

Let bliss, in whatever way you may know it, be your magical tool and your intention. You are simply asked to set aside one single hour from all the hours of your life, in which bliss pours from you, through you and into our planet.

Know that many thousands are joining you at that exact same time, and that we are all creating a vortex of love and healing that may awaken us.

It may be just in the nick of time.

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