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Blessings of the New Moon in Cancer

Keep knocking, and the joy inside
Will eventually open a window

And look out to see who’s there.

-– Rumi

Today is the New Moon in Cancer, which astrologer Lisa Dale Miller calls, “Our chance to be held by the sweetness of love that pulsates through every living thing… On this New Moon of love, the idea is to fully open to the possibility of living each day as a loving, heartful, mindful being.”

Is this not the heart of bliss? For it seems to me that the opposite of bliss is our alienation, our loneliness, our feelings of isolation and emptiness. This is certainly a painful part of the human condition, for we are self-aware, and therefore, challenged to discover (or remember) that we are interconnected.

Lisa notes, “The beauty of the human heart lies is its ability to feel a full range of emotion that arises when faced with the fundamental paradox of the human condition: we are essentially alone and ultimately one with all other existent life.

“Humans seek love and relationship in order to feel whole; yet real wholeness arises from self-realization. If we listen to the longings of a lonely heart, we can find tools to help us surrender into the ocean of love that is always all around us; always accessible to us.”

My friend, astrologer Lynn Hayes also notes, “At the New Moon we seek the highest form of the lunar energy, and in Cancer that takes the shape of love and protection for our family and our tribe. In Cancer we seek to make a home; not just for our bodies but also for our souls. Here we feel at home in our inner life; our inner world becomes richer and more nurtured.

“New Moons are of course times for new beginnings, and the New Moon in Cancer is a good time for watering the garden and propagating new plans. Our inner gardens are more fertile as well; we are better prepared to connect with those we love and to nurture our relationships. Because the Moon is a ruler of Cancer, it is very much at home there and helps to facilitate Cancer’s work in building and sustaining safe and secure emotional environments. The Sun/Moon conjunction is trined by Uranus, adding a note of excitement and an ability to create change where needed and move forward from the past where Cancer has a tendency to become stuck.”

May this New Moon bring you a way to nurture yourself and your beloveds, as you tend your garden of bliss.

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