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What is magic?

I will keep the magic-
The magic that hides

In the greens of leaves,

In the flight of birds,

In the smell of fertile earth.

I will keep the magic-

The magic that
Glows in fire,

Falls in rain,

Blows in wind,

Rests in stone.

I will remember who I am and what I keep holy,
And that all else will pass like frost in morning.

I will keep the magic.


What is magic? Or is it with a K – magick? Who uses it? Why? Why does it work (or does it)?

In one essay, noted Pagan writer Rev. Dr. Scott Baldwin observes, “Magick is the act of participation with, and influence of, the energies in nature. We draw upon the properties of color, scent, herbs, and the guidance of the Goddess and God. When we conduct ritual, and ask the Goddess or God for a favor, as in a healing spell, or a weather spell, we are attempting to influence the exchange of energies that flow through us, the elements, and the Goddess and God.”

Famed writer Arthur C. Clarke has a lovely interpretation. He says that magic is any technology that is “As yet unexplained, or too complicated to explain,” and furthermore, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

In the Reclaiming tradition of Witchcraft, one of our founders, Starhawk, describes magic this way: “We practice and teach magic, by Dion Fortune’s definition, ‘the art of changing consciousness at will.’ A changed consciousness can effect change in the world. Magic must be practiced ethically. We see the Rule of Three as a good guideline: that whatever we send out returns on us three times over. We cannot do by magic what would be wrong to do in some other way…

“Our approach to magic and ritual is experimental: we are constantly learning, growing, trying new techniques, and critiquing the results. Some of the techniques we use include meditation, breathwork, movement, trance, drumming, chanting, visualization, drum-trance, divination, aspecting, anchoring, and others. Our training teaches us how to read and shape the energy of groups of people.”

Tomorrow, I’ll share her additional statement about our kind of magic, which she calls E-I-E-I-O.