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Welcome Summer!

White coral bells
Upon a slender stalk,

Lilies of the Valley

Deck my garden walk.

Oh, don’t you wish

That you could hear them ring?

That will happen only when the faeries sing.

— For my brothers, sisters, and the Dragons of MMT –-

Did you stay up last night to dance and sing with the Faeries? Did you leap the bonfire, or scry with holy smoke? For many of us on our magical paths, this weekend will be the time when we gather with our covens, circles and groves, to celebrate the Solstice. That is right and as it should be, for our ancestors did not measure the days by calendars, but by the placement of the Sun, Moon, stars, and the behavior of plants and animals.

The Goddess, who in Her Maiden aspect met the youthful God in sacred marriage at Beltane, has now become Mother, pregnant, just as the Earth is pregnant with the growth that will become the harvest. She now reigns as Queen of Summer. Through Her, Her Consort comes to the mature realization of His full role, and its ultimate sacrifice that will be required in only six weeks.

She is the Earth; He is the energy and heat that has gone into the Earth so that together they create new life within the grains and fruits of the harvest. In the next three turns of the Wheel, the life born of their union will be reaped and must die to feed the people. Thus, the God is a willing sacrifice, falling with the harvest and becoming the seed of His own rebirth as the Wheel turns.

It is in the deep truth of this eternal cycle of life, death and life again, that we see the Goddess as the eternal Wheel itself, and the God as the traveler on the Wheel. Each year He repeats this cycle of birth, waxing, culmination, waning, death, leading to rebirth once more.

May we therefore embrace the waning and the dark just as readily as we have celebrated in the abundant light and time of growth. We need not fear or dread the growing dark, but instead we honor its promise, that all may live again.

May your rites and your day be most blessed!

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