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Mercury retrograde!

Today is the beginning of Mercury retrograde! That’s right – it’s that topsy-turvy time again, when communications, commerce, travel, and technology (to name a few of the things ruled by Mercury) may become snarled or delayed.

As many of my longtime web visitors know, I have, for the past four or five years, offered a Mercury retrograde contest to help us all feel a little better about some of the challenges during this event that happens about three times a year.

However, I have decided to forego it this time. You see, in the last two Merc retros, if I could have entered my own contest, I would have been the winner. So, just to be sure that I am not somehow attracting undue retrograde energy for myself, I will simply wait this one out with everyone else and hope that this time, my website does not crash!

Meantime, if you’d like to read more about Mercury retrograde, my friend Lynn Hayes has written a Public Service Announcement that is very helpful! Check it out!

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