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The Constancy of the Moon

Then the purple-lidded night
Westering comes, her footsteps light

Guided by the radiant boon

Of a sickle-shaped new moon.

— Amy Lowell

We who are riding Mother Earth’s lands of the Northern Hemisphere are now zooming towards the pinnacle of the Light, the Summer Solstice. This happens, even as our brothers and sisters in the places below the equator have finished celebrating Samhain and move now into the dying of the light, Yule.

Light and shadow, Winter and Summer, day and night. What a miracle it is, that on our blue jewel planet, all can be found at any given time.

Yet, one thing is the same for us all – and that is the light of the Moon. While beautiful Luna rises and sets with the turning of the Earth, and waxes and wanes every month, She appears to us all over the world in the same form. Although she shapeshifts every night and day, She is essentially unchanged since our ancestors gazed upon Her from their cave doorways.

The shape of the Moon that we celebrate in the woods of North Carolina is the same vision of Her given to the men, women and children of Baghdad, Cape Town, New Delhi, Buenos Aires, Moscow, and Sydney.

For all of us, today is the last day of the Beltane lunation and the lunar month of Maia (although it may be called many other things, or have no name at all). Tomorrow will be the New Moon.

Many astrologers believe that the day of the New Moon each month is a power day that can be accessed to change or improve your life. Some astrologers liken these days to ‘wishing’ days – in which the correct wish, expressed in the correct way, has the power to come true. Others consider the two week period after the New Moon (preceding the Full Moon) as a time to sow seeds that can be later reaped for favorable results.

The New Moon is a time for new birth and fresh beginnings. And the magic of the New Moon is that for one day each month – the Sun and the Moon are in perfect harmony and alignment.

Traditionally, the Moon represents the subconscious mind, and the Sun the conscious one. The Sun also symbolically represents the driving force of our daily lives. So, the Moon can be thought to represent our needs, while the Sun is our conscious desires.

As astrologer Victoria Bazeley notes, “The Moon represents the power engine that underlies our conscious thought, the machine that is always humming beneath the surface of our lives, generating the energy that fuels us, keeping us going. When the subconscious and conscious minds are in conflict (astrologically, when the Sun and Moon are in conflict), the subconscious always has the upper hand, inconvenient and illogical as that may seem from time to time. All of our conscious attempts to lose weight, for example, can be sabotaged by a subconscious association between weight and safety.”

For at least one day each month, though, both the Moon and the Sun are willing to get together and have a brief conversation about how wants and needs can be merged, how the subconscious and conscious minds can work together. This is a huge opportunity for change and manifesting.

Tomorrow, no matter where we live, we will all be under a New Moon. Today, you might want to consider what your fondest wishes are. What are the deep desires of your mind, heart, body and soul? With this week’s Tarot card, plus the powerful New Moon that is taking us into a Blue Moon at the end of this month, now is the time to make your wishes come true. I’ll have more to say about this tomorrow.

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