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Happy World Tarot Day

This day was created to celebrate the unique, wonderful magic of the Tarot, promoting its use as a tool for good, and for the benefit and growth of the Spiritual Self.

Purpose :

1) To promote Tarot’s use beyond any public conception of it as ‘evil’ or Satanic.

2) To promote Tarot uses in honest manner with integrity.

3) To promote the use of Tarot in responsible manner beyond both use as an unsavory monetary “fortune-telling” scheme, as well as use as a crutch by those unwilling to take responsibility for their own future and/or behavior.

4) To promote Tarot use as a tool for self-examination, spirituality, and other self-aide methods of guidance.

5) To have at least one day to celebrate, share, and stimulate our love of the Tarot tool with each other, and to think about what we can ‘give’ to instead of what we can ‘take’ from the Tarot Community.

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