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In honor of Maia and Flora, and all the other Green Growing Powers of Springtime, we are weaving magic with our allies in the garden.

Yesterday, I wrote about the amazing experiences of Machaelle Small Wright when she began working directly with the devas and Nature spirits of her land in Virginia. The result has been a famous garden that has produced products of healing and inspiration for thousands. But the gardens at Perelandra are not the only examples of these encounters between humans and garden energies from the non-human realms.

The Findhorn Community in Scotland was begun in 1962 by Peter and Eileen Caddy and their friend, Dorothy Maclean. The three had followed disciplined spiritual paths for many years and had been specifically trained to follow the Divine will. They first came to northeast Scotland in 1957 to manage a run-down hotel in the town of Forres. Following to the letter the inner divine guidance that they called “the still small voice within,” it swiftly became a thriving and successful four-star hotel.

After several years however, things changed. Peter and Eileen’s employment was terminated, and with nowhere to go and little money, they moved with their three young sons and Dorothy to a trailer park in the nearby seaside village of Findhorn.

Feeding six people on unemployment was difficult, so Peter decided to start growing vegetables. The land in the trailer park was sandy and dry, but he persevered. Dorothy discovered she was able to intuitively contact the overlighting spirits of plants devas – who gave her instructions on how to make the most of their fledgling garden.

The results were amazing and have become renowned worldwide. From the barren sandy soil of the Findhorn Bay, Caravan Park grew huge plants, herbs and flowers of dozens of kinds, most famously the now-legendary 40-pound cabbages. Word spread, horticultural experts came and were stunned, and the garden at Findhorn has now become a powerful center for planetary consciousness and global awakening.

In both Findhorn and Perelandra, the results of following the guidance of the Nature energies have been astonishing and inexplicable, in strict scientific terms. Plants that are not “supposed” to survive in the conditions in those locations not only survive, but thrive. Without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers or chemical products, miraculous harvests are common.

Tomorrow, we’ll explore more about the devas and Nature spirits that are so important, and which are available to you, in your own work with the Green Allies in your garden.

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