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Faithful love spell

And every time your lips meet mine, darling,
Down and down I go,
Round and round I go
In a spin,
Loving the spin I’m in,
Under that old black magic called love.
— Johnny Mercer

During this lusty month of May, it is natural that many of us may be ever so slightly preoccupied, possibly even obsessed, with the lovers in our lives (past, present, or yet to be). Now that the Moon is waxing once more, this is the perfect time to try out an old love spell I ran across once, especially since the necessary flower is now coming into bloom in many places.

Warning: Do remember that you never want to cast a spell on someone that would conflict with their will or their highest good, no matter how convinced you may be that it is for their benefit. As we wield power, we also carry tremendous responsibility and must always respect and honor the true wishes and free will of those who may be affected. To ignore this is to invite great harm to all parties involved.

That said, if you want to help ensure that your loved one is always faithful, now, while the Moon is waxing, go out in the night and gather magnolia buds (pesticide, chemical-free, please!). Steep them in a tea, which you sweeten with honey.

As you stir, chant or sing:
Lover be faithful, Lover be true,
This is all that I’m asking of you.

Give thy heart to nobody but me,

This is my will.

So mote it be.

Invite your beloved to share this fragrant tea with you. Right before serving it to them, bind the spell by whispering:
Honey magnolia, Goddess’ herb,

Perform for me Enchantment superb.
Let (name of your lover) and I be as one.

As ever, harm to none.

With this, the spell is done.

Seal the magic with a kiss between you. Then feed and refresh your beloved with the tea, as well as other entertainments, as ye will.