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Card of the Week – Nine of Cups

Laziness never arrived at the attainment of a good wish.
— Miguel De Cervantes

This happy card is traditionally known as the Wishing Card. So make a wish this week, and if it comes from your genuine heart of hearts and pure intentions, you will most certainly see its happy fruition.

The nines of the Tarot are about completeness. Nine is a very magical number in many traditions, for it is often associated with leadership, initiation, and altruism. It is a threshold number reminding us to balance between idealism and realism, and is a number strongly associated with creativity and fate.

With the Cups, of course, we are talking about emotional satisfaction, perhaps a dream fulfilled. Life is lush and benevolent for us now, with a sense of being happily connected to nature and abundance. Happiness smiles, and your table is full. This would be a terrific time for a family reunion, hosting a gathering of beloved friends, or connecting with children, for your heart is especially open now.

Any challenges you may be experiencing at this time can be easily be resolved, just listen to your heart. The only caution about this card is that if you look at the figure at the table, he may be just a little bit smug. Beware of over-indulgence or complacency. Be sure that you invite all to share in your good fortune, and that you set a place at your bountiful table for those less fortunate.

Give thanks, and take the time to savor and appreciate the gifts that are bestowed so lavishly this week. They are a magical combination of your hard work and the gift of Grace.

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