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Card of the Week – Eight of Wands

Cupid may have Come with Love
Yet it is my Heart that Brought Love in
Cupid may have Touched the Spark
Yet it is my Flame that Lights the Arrow

— ©2007 Edgar Allan Prieto

How interesting! In June 2006, we had the exact same progression – the 3 of Swords, followed the next week by the Eight of Wands. As I noted then, perhaps after last week’s sorrowful card, we can be confident we are now moving forward once more in a joyful, empowered way. For the eights of the Tarot are about abilities, self-directed action, and moving ahead. And of course, wands are about fire, action, growth, and energy. So here we have a powerful image of eight wands, flying like arrows, all in alignment and balance. The wands are approaching the Earth, so the fire is finding its goal.

It so happens that the Three of Swords and the Eight of Wands are also the only two pips in the Minor Arcana that have no human figures in them (not including the human hands in the Aces). One of the most innovative and (at the time) controversial aspects of the Waite-Smith deck was that artist Pamela Colman Smith depicted the Minors using scenes with people, instead of just the suit symbols on each card. These two notable exceptions may indicate that we are dealing more with the properties of abstract energy, rather than specific personalities or particular events.

If you have been in a time when heartbreak, misunderstanding or even betrayal had challenged your progress (as our card last week depicted), life appears to be much more lighthearted this week. You have consolidated your energy in a more focused way, which now may enable you to move swiftly forward, leaving the past troubles behind.

Of course, Spring is in the air, and so may be love! Arthur Waite describes this card as the Arrows of Love, so this could be action regarding a love affair, or proposals offered and accepted. There is a sense of haste, so you may be quite infatuated, with all your energy going into seeking the rapid, most immediate possible gratification of your desires.

Gail Fairfield, one my favorite Tarot writers, also reminds us that the eights of the Tarot are about organizing. From the sevens that are about conflicting choices, experimentation, or exploration we move to the follow-through, where we are prioritizing, analyzing and structuring our commitments.

With the current waning Moon, we are in an ideal magical time for releasing, banishing, clearing and letting go. So this week would be perfect for spring-cleaning, clutter busting, and making sure that projects, activities and energy can flow freely in your environment.

Finally, as this card is associated with Mercury in Sagittarius, perhaps you are in the midst of a situation that requires (or is the result of) rapid information being distributed. People in the communications or information technology fields should be feeling a real upsurge of activity.

In all cases, it is time to line up your resources and move towards a swift conclusion that is coming soon. Focus your energy, boldly unleash your passions, and open yourself to creativity, for success is in the air!

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