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Blessings of the Taurus New Moon

©Fairy Godmother Angel – Jessie Willcox Smith
Dark of the Moon
New beginnings

Dark of the Moon

Plant a seed tonight

Dark of the Moon

What we envision

Will come to be by the Full Moon’s light.

As I discussed yesterday, the New Moon is considered a day of magic and power, for it is a time for fresh beginnings and planting the seeds of our intentions. This Taurus New Moon is taking us into a Blue Moon at the end of this month, so now is the time to make your wishes come true. For on this day, both our subconscious needs (influenced by lunar energy) and our conscious desires (the Sun’s energy) are in harmony with one another. Thus we have a golden opportunity to manifest our fondest wishes.

Have you had a chance to consider what your wish might be? To work with this magical energy, give yourself some time today to open up to the full intensity of whatever your desire may be. Don’t judge yourself – it may be something as “mundane” as a new refrigerator, or it might be something more complex, like more recognition and success in your career.

First, simply allow yourself to feel how much you want it. As you do, imagine as clearly as you can what it would be like to have that wish fulfilled. You might, for instance, pretend that you are receiving a phone call with some fantastically good news you’ve been hoping for. Actually enact that phone call, pretending to be the caller, and then playing the part of you, responding. Really get into it! Don’t be self-conscious, this is playful and fun, and an act of self-empowerment!

As you do this, notice what it feels like. Are there any doubts, hesitations, or fears that pop up? This is helpful information, because if you are sending yourself mixed messages about your desires and needs, you will find them much harder to manifest.

The Moon is your ally in this process for as She rules the unseen and the subconscious, She can show you where you are stuck, particularly in old fears and patterns. And the Sun’s energy can help you shine the light of truth and optimism, melting away the obstacles. Together, they can help you discover whether your wish needs a little fine-tuning. Have a gentle but honest conversation with yourself about any possible misgivings that come up as you go through your dress rehearsal for your wish coming true. You might want to journal this process.

Then, when you are ready, and you have discovered your very own secret, magical incantation, make your wish. Send it out with all the confidence and innocence in your heart. See once again in your mind’s eye how it will come to pass.

Then let it go. Trust the process, and quietly expect the miracles and blessings to come. For heaven knows, you deserve them!

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