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When I was a kid, I loved…

Spring, which germinated in the earth, moved also, with a strange restlessness, in the hearts of .. women. As the weeks passed, inextinguishable hope, which mounts with the rising sap, looked from their faces.
— Ellen Glasgow

Spring is the celebration of hope, the renewal of life, the sweet budding and blossoming of all that is possible. So let’s get juicy!

What does juicy mean to you? The juiciest men and women I know all possess a spontaneous, honest, authentic, adventuring attitude that is energizing to all who know them.

Juicy is the dead opposite of the anger, fear, anxiety, attention deficit, jealousy, and all the insecurities and deceptions that pass for normal in our world. Naturally, no one visiting here wants to be that way. So, how can we rev up the juicy quotient in our lives? One of my visitors shares this:

“I’m rereading my copy of The Psychic Pathway by Sonia Choquette [a juicy woman if there ever was one! -B.] . On page 106, she has a very simple exercise that I really enjoyed:

‘Complete the following sentence (a bunch of times):
When I was a kid, I loved _____.’

“I had forgotten that I loved red sneakers…”

Oh, yes! Red sneakers!

What about you? Your assignment for today is to write twenty times:
When I was a kid, I loved _____.

And then fill in the blank. Yes, twenty times!

What did you love to do? To eat? To play? To wear? Who did you love? Did you have pets? Who was your best friend? What did you love most about them?

A look backwards into the happy times of childhood can be very rewarding on our path to authenticity. After all, very few six-year-olds have to be told how to be juicy or authentic. So search back through your memories today. Somewhere in there, untamed and unashamed, there is an uncensored, slightly wild animal child self who has lots to teach you about your truest self today.

Come out, come out and play!

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